Tennis & Pickleball

Courts Are Open for members and HPI private lessons . 

1. Courts are open 7am-9:30 pm, by reservation only for members & guests (except for HPI private lessons).
2. Members must carry their membership card at all times.
3. Reservations can be made online by going to the Members Reservations Page

  Reservations will be available one week in advance. 

 -- If you need help with online reservations call the lodge office.

-- only 1 week in advance. Otherwise automatically cancelled.
4. Bathrooms  rules below.
5. Hands must be cleaned with hand sanitizer prior to playing.
6. Players must wear masks when entering and exiting the courts.


Other Rules:


Door should be left open for ventilation

Stall door to remain shut for privacy

Sanitize before and after use with disinfectant spray

Twice daily sanitation by janitorial staff


Ball Machine

Avoid touching balls

Use ball mower to pick up most balls

For stray balls, use racquet and foot or gloved hand to pick up balls

Sanitize all handles of ball mower and ball machine before and after use with sanitizing wipes or 70% Isopropanol


Doubles Play

Online reservations required, as with singles

Try to stay 6 ft apart or more

All players must bring their own can of balls and serve with those balls only OR play with left hand gloved

tennis court 1.jpg

The Courts


There are 4 lit courts available for Tennis and Pickleball!

(*see members reservation page)

Fun Fact!

The San Mateo Elks Lodge is one of the few Elks Lodges in the country to have its own tennis courts.

tennis court 3.jpg

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