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San Mateo Elks Lodge 1112 Gym Social Distancing Protocol

****Social distancing and masks required****

The downstairs facilities, including downstairs gym, elliptical room and water fountain are off limits until further notice.

 Do NOT ENTER if you OR ANY MEMBER OF YOUR HOUSEHOLD has any symptoms of COVID or any other illness. These include

· Shortness of breath;

· Dry or wet cough;

· Fever, chills;

· Temperature above 100 degrees Fahrenheit;

· Unusual fatigue;

· Sore throat;

· Congestion or runny nose;

· Nausea or vomiting

· Diarrhea;

· Bluish face or lips.

 If you do sneeze or cough, DO NOT remove your mask and sneeze or cough into your elbow.

 DO NOT engage in any unnecessary contact (e.g., no shaking hands).

 A facemask that incorporates a one-way valve designed to make exhaling easier IS NOT a Face Covering under the SMC Health Officer’s Order.


1. All doors, windows to remain open and fans on.

2. No more than 5 persons in the gym at all times.

3. No closer than 6 feet to another member.

4. No spotting or assisted lifts.

5. Facemasks to be worn at all times within the upstairs gym.

6. Do not congregate on the outside landing. Maintain 6’ distance at all times.

7. No line on the staircase.

8. Hand sanitizer is available at the top stairs landing.

9. You are required to disinfect all surfaces you touch before and after EACH USE. This includes at a minimum:

9.1. Individual Weights;

9.2. Racks;

9.3. Benches;

9.4. Handles, pulls, push devices (e.g., footrests on leg press).

9.5. Stereo equipment

Read the SMC Health Official’s Order and Appendix, POSTED WITH THIS NOTICE

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Our Gym is one of the many benefits of San Mateo Elk Lodge No. 1112. There’s a full 2 cardio rooms, weight machine room, and a free weight room to accommodate most needs. 


The Gym is right next to the pool for easy access to the Male and Female locker rooms. 


For more details, contact our

office at:

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