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Elks Swimmers,

We appreciate you all working with us during the Covid lockdown as we implemented the Skedda scheduling system to help with swim lane bookings.  It was a great success and helped us stay healthy, active and safe over the past year.  Thank you!


I am happy to announce that as the lodge is now fully open

we are now discontinuing the online pool reservation system and invite swimmers to utilize the pool during normal swim hours without the need to schedule your visits in advance.  


I would like to thank all who helped us set up and maintain the online Skedda pool schedule.

It worked great!


This change will be effective Saturday, May 22, 2021.  After that date the site will no longer allow lanes to be booked in advance.


Two other points to consider regarding pool use as we enter the summer:

(1)    Not everybody who uses the pool swims, as some of our members like to walk and use the water as a weight bearing tool to make vigorous walking easier on their joints, or for additional resistance to actually make walking more strenuous.  Either way, it’s a great workout no matter what your age.  In that spirit, please try and use lanes 2-4 (the ones closest to the deep end) for swimming whenever possible, leaving lane 1 (closest to the lodge) for our walkers.  The walkers prefer that lane as it's a bit shallower than the others, and it's closest to the ladder.  It is fine to swim in lane 1 when lanes 2-4 are in use, but if they are not in use then please leave lane 1 open.


(2)    Once family swim kicks into high gear this summer, we’ll rope off lane 1 for adult member use as usual.  But also per Elks tradition, if the pool gets crowded with kids we will pull that lane line so as to open the entire pool up for kids and adults so they have extra elbow room.  The pool is one of best attractions to current and perspective members, and we want to cultivate and maintain a welcoming family-friendly atmosphere as much as possible.  Adults can always utilize the entire pool during the breaks the lifeguards enable when they blow their whistles every hour and the kids get out of the pool to rest, eat, and apply sunblock.  So take advantage of those frequent breaks to get a few laps in, without the kids in the pool, if you like.


Again, we appreciate your working with us the past year as it allowed us to keep the pool open, and we look forward to everyone continuing to enjoy this great perk of being an Elk!



Ken Callegari

Exalted Ruler

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