Swimming Pool

Pool open

Member Swim

  • The pool is open 7am-7pm, by reservation only for members ONLY.

  • Members must carry their membership card at all times.

  • Lap lanes are available by reservation ONLY.

  • The deep area is available by reservation ONLY.

  • No other areas of the pool are open.  LAPS and DEEP POOL.

  • Reservations will be available one week in advance.

    • only 1 week in advance. Otherwise automatically canceled. No repeats.

  • Reservations for LAPS can be made online here  

    • One swimmer per lane per reservation.

  • Reservations for the DEEP POOL area can be made online here

    • Four people can tread water in the deepwater areas per hour.

    • only 1 week in advance. Otherwise automatically canceled. No repeats.

  • Please follow the Lodge rules and your OATH of OBLIGATION at all times.

  • If you need help with online reservations please call the lodge office

  • Locker rooms are CLOSED.  There is NO ACCESS to the main lodge building.

  • Use outside showers only.

  • Please wear your swimsuits to the pool. 

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The Original Jolly Corks Toast

Now is the hour when Elkdom's tower is darkened by the shroud of night, and father time on his silver chime Tolls off each

moment's flight.


In Cloistered halls, each Elk recalls His Brothers where'er they be, And traces their faces to well-known places In the annals

of memory.


Whether they stand on a foreign land Or lie in an earthen bed, Whether they be on the boundless sea With the breakers of

death ahead.


Whate'er their plight on this eerie night Whate'er their fate may be Where ever they are be it near or far. They are thinking of you

and me.


So drink from the fountain of fellowship To the Brother who clasped your hand And wrote your worth in the rock of earth And your faults upon the sand.



© 2019 San Mateo Elks Lodge No. 1112